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Abba’s Heart is a social services organisation committed helping those in need while advocating for fair and equal conditions for everybody in the local area. I am driven by my passion to help, so I always work hard in my efforts to build a better future for my clients and charges. I partner with several non-profit institutions to better perform my social service responsibilities. I am dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in my society. You can reach me on the form below to find out more about me.

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I take my fight seriously and provide counselling to at-risk youths as well as reaching out to the different homeless shelters, public schools, and orphanages in the area in an effort to curb violence and other antisocial behaviours. While I'm proud of the recognition my work has received, I'm more excited about continuing to fulfil my dream of providing basic social care to those who need them. Not only do I provide social services, but I also provide training to anyone interested in joining my cause.


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